Rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns: What are the differences?

Understanding the Different Types of Firearms

Despite the fascination they hold for some, firearms remain controversial and potentially dangerous. However, they have been present for centuries in various facets of our human history, both in the preservation of peace and in the outbreak of wars. Understanding these artifacts also means understanding an important part of our history and our current affairs.
General overview of firearms
Firearm designs vary greatly across ages and regions. Some are banal and are found in the daily lives of many citizens in the form of hunting rifles or weapons used for personal defense. Others are much more difficult to acquire and are commonly used by the military and law enforcement. The latter have access, for example, to more sophisticated weapons such as the HK-416 assault rifle, used by the General Directorate of Armaments.
Deriving from the legal status of firearms, we observe that in certain countries, the possession of these weapons depends on compliance with certain regulations. We can cite as an example the permit to carry a weapon which is necessary in certain cases, but which nevertheless seems inadequate on other occasions. For example, possession of a hunting rifle remains subject to very specific conditions.
Specificities of the arms trade
The firearms trade is a complex business. It is governed by rigorous laws and standards but despite this, it suffers from a number of problems. Among the latter, we can mention the illicit arms trade, particularly prevalent in certain regions such as the Sahel.
Because of these complexities, historians are in high demand in current gun rights cases. Their expertise is valuable for understanding issues and influencing political decisions.
Definitions and classification of firearms
The definition of firearms may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. One thing is certain, they are divided into several categories: pistols, revolvers, rifles, assault rifles, rifles and submachine guns.
Each category corresponds to a specific use. Revolvers and pistols, for example, are often used for personal defense or sport shooting, while shotguns, as their names suggest, are commonly used for hunting. Assault rifles and submachine guns, on the other hand, are generally reserved for military use or by security forces.
Dealing with controversy
The controversy surrounding firearms is very real and affects several social issues, particularly those relating to public safety. Measures such as the “red flag measure” in the federal bill are, for example, heavily criticized. This highlights how crucial it is to understand and contextualize every aspect related to firearms in order to have a balanced debate.
Here is an attempt to understand the fascinating and complex nature of firearms. Each category, each model is based on its own history, technology, origin and purpose. Knowing these details also and above all means understanding the issues and responsibilities linked to their possession and handling.

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Rifles: Characteristics and uses

Learn the differences between rifles, assault rifles, and submachine guns to better understand these firearms and their uses.

A look back in time: rifles of yesterday and today

Sometimes history and necessity intertwine in surprising ways. For example, the recent war in Ukraine saw the use of Soviet-era rifles. These rifles, dating back to the 1930s and tanks from as far back as 1954, saw the light of modern day due to the constraints of war. In Indre-et-Loire, a similar controversy surrounds old hunters’ rifles. Antiquated weapons, full of history, which are once again placed in the spotlight.

The versatility of rifles: from hunting to video games

Rifles have evolved over the centuries as the weapon of choice for hunting and sometimes personal defense. In France, the question often arises: can you legally hunt and shoot on your property? The answer varies depending on local regulations, but in general, yes, it is possible under certain conditions. When it comes to sports shooting, or hunting, the example of Fabarm SDASS 2 hunting, a very popular shotgun, is often cited. This robust and effective tool has proven itself time and again during different hunting seasons.
The versatility of rifles is not just limited to hunting or self-defense. In the world of video games, particularly in games like Modern Warfare 3 And Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, guns are revisited and offered in a modern form to boost player engagement and excitement.

Guns and their mark in the digital age

With the advent of Facebook and other social media platforms, buying and selling used rifles has become increasingly accessible. This has raised many controversies, particularly on the question of who is responsible in the event of malicious use of these weapons. The example of Montpellier where shotguns were used during demonstrations is a demonstration of the potentially negative impact of the accessibility of guns.

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Rifles: beyond ammunition

Mentioning the word gun could bring to mind shooting, defense, or even violence for some. However, innovation has allowed this technology to adopt more peaceful forms, such as massage gun. Designed to provide relief and well-being, it is a perfect example of how technology can be adapted to meet varied needs.

Rifles remain an important component of our history and continue to occupy a prominent place in the military world as well as in sports, self-defense, and even in the wellness industry. Their history, evolution and varied uses make them not only a sidearm, but also a symbol of our technological and civilizational progression.

Assault rifles: Specifics and features

Learn the differences between rifles, assault rifles and submachine guns to better understand their use and characteristics.

THE assault rifles represent a major category of firearms, often featured in the great chessboard of military history, and more recently, on video game platforms such as Call of Duty Mobile or Warzone. These weapons, with specific characteristics and unique functionalities, have played key roles in significant events, from the ECOWAS armed intervention to the more recent conflicts shaking Haiti.

Distinctive features of assault rifles

What sets assault rifles apart from other firearms? Several specificities set them apart. Their first distinguishing feature is their firing mode. Unlike semi-automatic weapons which fire a round with each pull of the trigger, assault rifles can fire in automatic mode, that is to say continuously, as long as the pressure on the trigger is maintained. We can cite as an example the (AK47), one of the most widespread assault rifles in the world.
Their second advantage is their large ammunition capacity. Assault rifles are typically powered by detachable magazines, which can hold between 20 and 30 rounds. This gives these weapons great offensive potential, whether on a real battlefield or on the virtual field of Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale.

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Assault Rifle Features

When it comes to features, assault rifles are designed to be versatile. They combine the precision of semi-automatic rifles with the rapid rate of fire of submachine guns, while maintaining sufficient firing range to engage targets at distances of several hundred meters. On the Warzone board, certain assault rifles are among the best weapons thanks to these versatile features.
Additionally, some versions of assault rifles include powerful bullets which can penetrate body armor or destroy light vehicles – a particularly popular and beloved feature in video games such as Super Bullet Break.
In conclusion, assault rifles are powerful, versatile weapons with complex functionality. Mastering them requires knowledge and practice, whether it is their use on the field or during online matches on Call of Duty Mobile. Whatever the context, it is always important to remember that the use of weapons must always be within a framework of respect for the laws and regulations in force.

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