The Panhard AML-90: The formidable French 90 mm armored force?

History of the Panhard AML-90 and its evolution

THE Panhard AML-90 is a remarkable piece of French military history. This light armored vehicle, which served in numerous conflicts throughout the second half of the 20th century, combines power, mobility and discretion. In this article, I will detail the history of this vehicle, from its origins to its modern evolution.

Origins of the Panhard AML-90

The adventure of Panhard AML-90 begins post World War II, as France seeks to modernize its light troops with a suitable armored vehicle. Panhard, a century-old company recognized for creating innovative vehicles, began development of the AML-90 in the 1950s.

Technical characteristics of the Panhard AML-90

Beneath his apparent modesty, the Panhard AML-90 hides true technical innovation. In the interest of speed and flexibility, Panhard designed a vehicle equipped with a rear engine, which allowed great maneuverability. Likewise, with relatively light armor, the AML-90 favors speed over protection, making it a perfect reconnaissance machine. Here are some main features:

  • Engine: 90 hp
  • Maximum speed: 90 km/h
  • Main armament: 90 mm cannon

Its use and impact

THE Panhard AML-90 was widely used by the French army and its allies, particularly on the African continent. Its speed and flexibility enabled effective reconnaissance operations and rapid attacks. This vehicle therefore played an important role in numerous conflicts in the second half of the 20th century.

Evolution of the Panhard AML-90

Despite the passage of years, the Panhard AML-90 was able to adapt and evolve. Various modifications have been made to improve its performance and durability, including adding additional protection and improving its weaponry. The AML-90 has therefore remained relevant and continues to be used today, particularly in contexts of asymmetric conflicts and guerrillas.

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The power of the Panhard AML-90 armor

Shield design

The Panhard AML-90 is heavily armored with steel armor, an appearance that sets it apart from many contemporary vehicles. The armor is designed to resist a variety of attacks, including small arms bullets, artillery fragments, and anti-armor projectiles.

Technical characteristics

  • Front armor: Front armor is 15mm, providing improved resistance against small arms and artillery fragments.
  • Side armor: The side armor is slightly thinner, at 8mm, but is still sturdy enough to repel a range of attacks.
  • Rear armor: The armor on the back is similar to the front, providing solid protection at all angles.

Tactical Advantages

The Panhard AML-90 offers several tactical advantages thanks to its powerful armor. It is able to survive in intense combat zones, providing essential protection to its crew. Additionally, its armor makes the Panhard AML-90 ideal for reconnaissance missions, allowing the vehicle to move freely over terrain without fear of enemy attacks.

Historical Impact

The Panhard AML-90 has left an undeniable mark in French military history. It was used in several conflicts around the world, where its powerful armor made a difference on the battlefield. The Panhard AML-90 remains a symbol of the power and resilience of the French army.
In conclusion, the Panhard AML-90 is a vehicle of great versatility, capable of crossing intense combat zones thanks to its powerful armor. A beacon of French military expertise, the Panhard AML-90 continues to fascinate fans of military history and defense technology.

Technical characteristics of the 90 mm cannon of the Panhard AML-90

Load your primer to size prepared for a stunning smash on the battlefield with the Panhard AML-90. The Panhard AML-90, a fascinating French armored vehicle, is the protagonist of our in-depth review today. Featuring a 90mm cannon, it offers incredible insight into military technical features.

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Introduction to the Panhard AML-90

THE Panhard AML-90 is a light armored vehicle, equipped with an imposing 90 mm cannon, which was developed by the French company Panhard in 1960. It is known for its maneuverability, its ability to move on different types of terrain and, most importantly , for its powerful 90 mm cannon.

Technical characteristics of the 90 mm gun

The 90mm cannon is one of the most notable features of the Panhard AML-90. It not only serves to demonstrate the colossal destructive power that such a device can unleash, but it also highlights Panhard’s technological prowess.

This gun has a length of 90 mm and has several technical characteristics that make it a key element of the Panhard’s armor.

  • It is capable of firing a variety of munitions, including high-explosive rounds and armor-piercing rounds.
  • It is equipped with a muzzle brake, which helps reduce recoil when firing.
  • It has a maximum elevation of 15 degrees and depression of 8 degrees, allowing for a wide variety of shooting angles.

The operational impact of the Panhard AML-90 in the French armies

THE Panhard AML-90 is one of the most emblematic armored vehicles in French military history. Commissioned in the French army in 1961, this light armored wheeled vehicle marked its time with its technical performance and its great versatility. This is what we will explore in this article.

Origins and context of creation of the Panhard AML-90

The development of Panhard AML-90 is a direct result of the Algerian War, which highlighted the French army’s need for a light, fast armored vehicle capable of carrying out reconnaissance and combat operations in large and difficult-to-access areas.

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The technical characteristics of the Panhard AML-90

  • Equipped with a powerful 90 hp engine, the Panhard AML-90 can reach a maximum speed of 90 km/h.
  • Its armament consists of a 90 mm cannon, capable of penetrating most armor of the time.
  • Despite its low weight of 5.5 tonnes, it offers excellent protection to its crew thanks to its 10 mm armor.

The operational impact of the Panhard AML-90

The operational impact of Panhard AML-90 is measured through several factors. First of all, its speed and mobility allowed it to surprise the enemy and carry out lightning attacks. Additionally, its ability to operate in difficult-to-access areas has made it a valuable vehicle for reconnaissance missions, including in the desert regions of the Sahara.

Whether it is the Algerian war, peacekeeping operations in Africa or the fight against terrorism, the Panhard AML-90 has proven its operational value within the French armies. This iconic vehicle continues to inspire designers of modern armored vehicles, and its silhouette is inseparable from French military history.

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